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Our story began in early 2021. The previous owner had closed down and the building was on the market. We had absolutely no intentions of purchasing the building or opening a shop.  But then...

A rumor was circulating that a prospective buyer was looking to purchase the building to open an escape room. We thought that was a terrible waste of this space, as it had been the heart of the downtown retail district for many decades.  So, we jumped in with both feet and here we are.  

Charlie's late wife was an artistic quilter and won many awards for her beautiful work.  Sue has crocheted from the age of 7, and has her own line of wire and polymer clay jewelry.  So both have a heart for artisans, which is the primary focus at Mountain Laurel Artisans.

In July of 2022 Sue's daughter, Lora Stevens, came on board as manager of Mountain Laurel which was quite a change from her 18 years in the education field as a preschool special needs teacher. Lora always has a smile for the customers and is learning the ropes quickly.

Jamie Chinchello has been with us from nearly the beginning and is the "life of the party" at Mountain Laurel, a very dedicated and treasured employee and friend.


“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 
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